Stamford, CT Parent

When our son was diagnosed with ASD at 21 months, we became overcome with fear. We immediately sought out the help of Connec-to-Talk. We, of course, didn’t know what ASD is and what to expect and furthermore, we didn’t even know if our son would ever speak. At that time he had no words at all. Jen Basch met our son and assured us with unwavering confidence that he will talk. Words cannot explain what those words meant to us as parents. She gave us hope, when nobody else was willing to “guarantee anything.” Jen was there and she was strong for us and she was giving us a guarantee and she had the sincerity to back it up. Our son was saying “mama” and “dada” within the first week! He nows talks non-stop (chatterbox!) at an age-appropriate level and amazes us every day. Under the direction of Ellen Fritto, he was able to gain incredible skills and continues to progress with each week. We feel lucky to have found the quality service and genuine support of the Connec-to-Talk team. THANK YOU