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ABA Therapy Services


At Playmates ABA, we offer a range of ABA therapy services that are tailored to your child’s specific needs. Whether you need in-home ABA, clinic-based ABA or community-based ABA, we have therapists ready to help your child.

ABA is an effective treatment for children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD)  when done in a high quality and consistent manner. ABA services encompass a variety of evidence-based treatment methods to address all types of behaviors. It can be used to help children with autism better integrate into their community.. 

At Playmates ABA, our ABA Therapy Services help your child learn new skills, minimize socially improper behaviors and increase positive desired behaviors. Examples of areas addressed in ABA sessions include social skills, play, language, academics, self-care, and self-direction.

What do ABA Sessions Include?

Communication Skills

Not being able to communicate with your loved ones can lead to challenging situations. Helping your child learn to communicate encourages independence while reducing difficult behaviors. Our therapists work with your child to learn communication skills that are beneficial in a number of situations.

Daily Living Skills

In an ABA session, the therapist will teach your child important daily living skills. From brushing teeth, toileting, getting dressed, feeding and others we want to help your child become confident enough to handle basic tasks independently.

Social Skills

Our therapists use ABA to help children with a diagnosis with autism spectrum disorder learn skills that encourage them to better integrate in their community. From appropriate play to understanding what it means to reach a common goal, our therapy services aim to help your child integrate better in a social setting.

Behavior Management

Behaviors can be disruptive, harmful, or otherwise inappropriate. Through our holistic ABA Therapy sessions, our expertly trained therapists will help hone in negative behaviors including self injurious behaviors, aggression, non-compliance and more.

ABA Therapy Services We Provide

Clinic-Based ABA

Clinic-based ABA services allow our therapists to work with your child in a new, structured environment. Your child will engage in group activities, learn to follow routines, share and successfully interact with peers, all while staying focused in a noisy environment in a clinic session.

In-Home ABA

Our in-home ABA services provide support to a child that may be exhibiting challenging behaviors in the home. In-home sessions also provide parents an opportunity to receive more effective training to help minimize difficult behaviors that may specifically be present in the home. Our in-home ABA therapists work under the supervision of a BCBA (board certified behavior analyst) to ensure your child’s ABA program is effective for their needs.

Community-Based ABA

Our community-based ABA therapy services provide support to a child with autism in a school setting. The therapist teaches skills that focus on day to day social interactions between peers and teachers. Additionally, the assigned ABA therapist helps address difficult behaviors within the classroom setting. Through our school support ABA, your child will gain independence and confidence to help make the school experience more fulfilling.

Applied Behavior Analysis Common Questions

Does Playmates ABA Diagnose Autism Spectrum Disorder?

We recommend consulting your pediatrician first if you have concerns about your child’s development. If your pediatrician suspects autism or another developmental disorder, he or she should refer the child’s family to a specialist in childhood development for diagnosis.

Are ABA Therapy Services Covered by Insurance?

Playmates ABA is an in-network ABA provider for most commercial insurance providers. Before beginning services with Playmates our billing team will check your benefits and obtain pre-authorization for our services.

Do You Train Families To Implement ABA Therapy in the Home?

Our goal is to enable your child to successfully and naturally carry out the skills acquired during therapy into everyday living. We provide personalized therapy for your child that includes your family. Your involvement and ability to help your child transition therapy skills into everyday life is key to setting your child up for success.

Which ABA Service Is Best For Me?

The best way to determine which ABA service is best for your child is to go through our assessment process with one of our Board Certified Behavior Analysts.

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Playmates ABA provides support to children with autism. We strive to provide the most comprehensive ABA therapy services for your child.

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