Fairfield County, CT Parent

We’ve been working with Connec-to-Talk for about a year now and have been incredibly happy. Our son’s BCBA and ABA provider are knowledgeable, sensitive and a pleasure to have in our home. The patience and care they have for our child is invaluable, they truly take the time to get to know the kids they work with. They know his likes and dislikes and know when to teach, when to push, when to hold back and when to just be a friend (which is no easy feat!). I always feel like they are approachable and available to us as parents as well which is huge. One other thing we’ve been really thankful for is our team’s desire and commitment to work with our school team to make sure we are building a well rounded program for our son. From the staff to the folks that run the entire organization, we’ve had great experiences thus far and high hopes for the future.